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Starting anew

I've started writing a new science fiction novel. Working title: Mannie Beasles and the Kleep, the Klokkits and the Koomfars. Don't worry, I'll change it. Starting out with an atrocious title helps keep me from choking under the pressure. With a title like that, there IS no pressure.

I'm going to try out some changes to my process. I'm still going to make it up as I go along rather than outlining -- it's no fun for me otherwise. What's new:

1. I will keep a novel journal, recording my experiences, struggles and triumphs with the work.

2. I will precede each session of novel-writing with 10 minutes of freewriting.

3. After freewriting, I will plan out, in writing, how I'm going to handle the upcoming action, what that scene needs to do for the story, and how it fits into the whole.

4. I will work on the novel every other day, giving the story time to brew in my subconscious.

This is an experiment that might fail, but that's part of the fun of creation.

How do you keep things fresh with your muse?

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  1. For the four genuine novels I’ve written, in every case I committed myself to writing constantly and without a break – daily, with a minimum deadline of 2000 words (or a chapter, whichever is longer). That’s the only way I can get anything done.

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