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Link: The Online Terrorist Keywords Poetry Contest

From the page:

After reading Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don’t want the government spying on you, I had a great idea of how to illustrate the ridiculousness of our government in using simple “words” as justification for spying on the American people (and us sovereigns too).  So I’m officially launching the “Online Terrorist Keywords” Poetry Contest!

Here’s how it works:  Starting today, and ending 2 weeks from the posting of this announcement (that would be Tue. June 12th, at 9pm – EST) I’m asking all who are interested to write up a poem using a minimum of 50 words from the “government keywords” list...

Check out the page for complete details. My entry is under moderation, but assuming it's approved it will be under the name "Caracabe." I don't intend to vote for myself, but if you honestly think mine is the best, far be it from me...